Dear Terry

Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for me in your therapy sessions between November 2021 and the end of May this year.

I am so incredibly grateful for the way you have supported me without payment in all that time, during being an inpatient in an eating disorders unit, to being discharged as an outpatient. I really don’t think I could have got through this without your help. You have helped me explore my past and my behaviours, how I think and how those around me have impacted myself. With you I have grown in confidence having learned so much more about myself and the determination and resilience I have to succeed. You have consistently been there to listen to me and what I want and not once have dismissed what I have to say which I really appreciate. You have gone above and beyond to help me and, well I just can’t thank you enough.

I just want you to know that I will forever be grateful for all your support, as I genuinely don’t think I would be here now without it. I think many others would also agree as well. The work you do privately and with all dancers online is admirable and I know that anyone who has worked with you will feel the same.

So thank you, (though this doesn’t quite seem to express enough appreciation).

A W – student dancer

For me, it was so amazing that Terry had been a dancer as he was able to fully understand what I was going through and being able to apply the therapy from a dancer’s perspective made the process so much more reassuring as Terry already understood the pressure of the dance world and how that can affect you as a person. It made me feel less alone. Terry has helped me immensely. I was extremely nervous going into counselling as I had never experienced it before and didn’t know what to expect but Terry made me feel so at ease. He helped me to talk openly about my struggles, not just with him but with the people around me, which was something that I had never managed before. He introduced me to new coping strategies, and guided me through my own thoughts when I was feeling confused about what was going on. I am now able to practice mindfulness in a way that I haven’t before my sessions and can rationalise my own feelings which has been such a positive experience for me. It has been an eye-opening and positive experience with Terry and I would recommend him to anyone.

AL – Dancer

Hello Terry,

I’d just like to thank you once again, as I hope my testimonial affirms, my recovery was nigh on miraculous and in large part down to you. I have already recommended you to others and shall continue to do so, I’m extremely lucky to have stumbled across you. Thank you!

I cannot overstate how useful my sessions with Terry have been. I entered my first meeting in a fairly desperate state but nonetheless sceptical about anyone’s ability to help me deal with the irrational and unreasonable suspicious thoughts I had been having, a recurring problem that had dogged me throughout my life. However Terry’s calm and methodical approach put me directly on a surprisingly fast road to recovery. Without doubt it was his expertise and encouragement that enabled me to come to the right conclusions about what my issues really were and he gave me the tools to dig a little deeper and get to the root of it all. It was his insights and guidance that gave me the belief that something could be done to manage my feelings and correct my thoughts, and after only six sessions I can honestly say that I’m feeling better than ever. My outlook on life is sunnier as a result, I am working more efficiently, and my family and friends  have all noticed a huge improvement.

Paul – Musician

Hi Terry, you helped me a lot last year. Just felt like telling you that with your help I have made so much progress in my technique and career, I am becoming stronger at coping with my thoughts and feelings and I am getting through this horrible situation happening right now rather well I would say! I am finally feeling “normal” and “light” and stopped all that pretending, which has helped me tremendously in all the relationships with people. Thank you!

Natalia – Dancer

I worked as a professional dancer up until the beginning of this year. Being a freelancer is stressful, financially, emotionally, but I wouldn’t change my job for the world!

I am going through a life change where my husband and I have decided we would like a baby. For a dancer with that comes so many thoughts and feelings and worries! What will happen to my body? I Love performing! Will I ever dance again? How will we survive financially whilst I am in maternity leave?

I have had counselling recently from Terry for this ‘life change’ and I am so glad I did!! With Terry being a former dancer himself I really felt like he understood me on a deep level! I approached Terry because I was suffering with Anxiety in relation to a few things but particularly these big life changes! As a dancer you are very in touch with your body, and the anxiety was stealing my energy, strength, motivation. I had stopped going to professional class and had lost my sparkle. I was probably a bit depressed too?

Terry has been a massive help to me and I literally feel like I’ve been through a massive life detox. Like he has helped me pull out at the root all of the subconscious worry and past life events. He has helped me understand myself better through different approaches and techniques. I am now in a place where I am much more full of energy. My IBS has nearly gone, I feel happier and less worried about things!

Thank you Terry! You are amazing!

Claire – Choreographer/rehearsal director

Terry was recommended to me by a very close friend. I had not tried one-on-one counselling before and was at a very low point in my life where something fundamental had to change.

During the first few sessions the main issues had been recognised and I have never looked back. I found Terry to be most insightful and he was able to turn my thinking around remarkably quickly. I cannot recommend him highly enough, our sessions together were a very positive and life changing experience for me.

DK – Musician

Hi Terry

The process of therapy has been both fascinating and extremely helpful. By looking at the “what”s and the “why”s of my thought processes and feelings You have opened a new world of understanding, and therein a hope for change and progress. I feel like I am now armed with tools to apply to future problems too, and although everything isn’t miraculously solved, I am now better at objectively viewing a situation and figuring out whether it needs to be solved, and if so, how to go about that.

Just wanted to say another massive thank you for the sessions – it’s been really good exploring all the things we’ve looked at and growing in understanding (and as you quite rightly said, increased understanding leads to decreased anxiety). Thank you especially for the last session: it really felt like you understood me and that I made sense. That you picked up on my pedantic over-specifying as part of my Autistic Spectrum Disorder actually felt very validating as the most common response I get when I disclose is “I’d never have guessed” (which although very complimentary of my acting abilities can rather negate the effort that goes in! I will gradually learn that the acting is often a counterproductive process, I promise!)

I will miss our sessions but will try and carry on the good work and look forward to seeing the book and app when they come out.

Throughout the sessions (and much of the time we weren’t even talking about dancing), I discovered more and more why ballet is the lifeline I have always known it to be for me, and that just increases my love for it even more! By exploring the many issues in my life, I now understand why dancing works for me, and conversely, the thought processes and skills I have learnt through therapy will equip me to deal with issues that arise in the studio. I am far more aware of how my body and mind are responding in situations (looking in the mirror, looking at other dancers, dealing with plateaux in progress, dealing with social interactions to name a few examples), and can examine why, whether the feelings are useful or relevant, and what to do about them. Therapy has enriched my dancing life in ways I certainly did not imagine, and I look forward to more freedom in dancing every day.

J.J. – Dancer

Terry provided a safe space for self discovery.
After just a few sessions I felt I had shifted completely from where I was.
Never focused on ‘fixing’ or dictating a diagnosis, but always allowing and guiding me to make my own observations for us then to discuss.
He suggested areas for further independent research which I loved and continue to dive in to. Terry gave me the time and space to consider things about my past and present in their true form, without bias or defence or judgment, and to look at them with honest curiosity. Then I could see clearly the impact they have on who I am today.

Thank you
P.H. – Actor

Before my first session with Terry I was quite nervous but after a short while I found myself being in a very relaxed environment. Terry changed my way of thinking and in the short time I have seen him I have benefited hugely. I am now a more confident person and have a new positive way of thinking.

Many thanks Terry

MJ – Musical theatre performer

I was struggling with several problems and felt I was going around in circles. I was apprehensive at first not knowing what to expect, but I soon felt comfortable and safe talking to Terry about any issue.

The help he gave me has changed my life completely and I am in a very different place now. I would recommend anyone struggling with any problem to see Terry, he really can help.

Sally – Dancer

Dear Terry

I just want to thank you for getting me through some very very tough counselling sessions.
You have really helped me address issues that I have never addressed and as painful and tough as this was, I realise this is going to help me on my road to recovery.

I now realise that the awful situation with my Dad was way beyond my control and that none of that was my fault. He has gone and your visual therapy really helped with that.

Regarding my daughter, I realise and accept I have made mistakes with her but I know I have really tried hard to make that right and accept she will come to me when or if she is ready.

Regarding my husband he will be with me forever and I feel peaceful to know it’s ok to talk to him and also grieve for him.
Ex partner totally gone! I really, really hope I can have more sessions with you as I am so much improved but feel that some issues still need exploring and laid to rest completely. I am almost there.

Once again, thank you so much Terry.”

Jacqui – retired professional performer