Terry has been interviewed for a number of blogs, magazines and podcasts and has written articles for other blogs, the links for which are given below.

Brendon Hansford interviewed Terry in April 2019 for his Vlog.


Dance Niche is a website set up by Alicia Jelley, who interviewed Terry at the beginning of this year.  The original interview was posted in January 2019 and reposted in Mental Health Awareness week in May 2019.


Science in Dance – Rupert Wiltshire interviewed Terry and Connie Janes for his podcast in May 2019.


Dance Inspire – Gillian Beattie’s interview with Terry for her podcast in 2019.


Nutritionist, Rachel Fine, quoted Terry in her article in Dance Magazine – 4 Ways to Keep Your Summer Intensive from Leading to Disordered Eating 


The Whole Dancer – Jessie Frazier interviewed Terry for the online magazine.


Wonderful World of Dance –  Suzannah  Saunders’ podcast interview with Terry in  2019


Arson – podcast – March 2020 (awaiting link)


“Bendybodies” podcast interview – March 2020 (awaiting link)


The Guardian (London) newspaper – I was interviewed for and quoted in this article in May 2020 –


BBC WM (Birmingham) radio interview – April 2020 (awaiting link)