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Terry has been interviewed for a number of blogs, magazines and podcasts and has written articles for other blogs.

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Terry receives the One Dancer UK Healthcare Practitioner of the Year Award

November 2021

I Am Birmingham Facebook page

Zoom interview with Vimal Korpal

26 July 2020

Dancing Around Elephants

Facebook live

20 November 2020

Other video appearances have included:

  • Brendon Hansford interviewed Terry in April 2019 for his Vlog
  • Lalitha Sindhuri – Dehli India – Insta Live March 2021
  • Athletes and Dancers Health Hungary – Insta Live – March 2021
  • I-Path – David Stinson interview on Facebook Live – April 2021

Other audio interviews have included:

  • Arsen Serobian podcast – March 2020
  • BBC WM (Birmingham) radio interview – April 2020
  • BBC Radio WM – 1st April 2020
  • BBC Radio Solent – 17 August 2020
  • Switch Radio – 18 August 2020
  • Panel discussion – Alberta Ballet
  • Speak Your Truth Podcast – California – March 2021
  • Pro Performance Platform Podcast – March 2021
  • Crystal Nichols interview for her article on nutrition in Dance Magazine
  • Solihull Radio interview with presenter Leigh Perry – 18 April 2021
Lonely woman

Dance Niche is a website set up by Alicia Jelley, who interviewed Terry at the beginning of 2019.

Mental Health In Dancers | Why Is No-One Talking About It?

The original interview was posted in January 2019 and reposted in Mental Health Awareness week in May 2019.

Nutritionist, Rachel Fine, quoted Terry in her article in Dance Magazine May 2019:

4 Ways to Keep Your Summer Intensive from Leading to Disordered Eating 

The Whole Dancer

The Whole Dancer

Jessie Frazier interviewed Terry for the online magazine.

Mindfulness for Dancers: Tips and Benefits

The Guardian (London) newspaper

Terry was interviewed for and quoted in this article in May 2020:

An industry in freefall: UK dance sector calls for urgent help

Isle of Wight Observer 1 April 2020

Free support sessions available for dancers

For Dancers, 2020 Has Been Full of Uncertainty

Pointe Magazine – 20 October 2020

For Dancers, 2020 Has Been Full of Uncertainty

The Dance Journalist

The Dance Journalist – 21 March 2021

Navigating the future…

One Dance UK

One Dance UK news page – 21 April 2021

1000’s of dancers benefit from free mental wellbeing workshops

Dance Mama Live! interview with Lucy McCrudden – April 2021


ISTD Magazine – May 2021

Why it’s okay to not feel okay

Other articles have included:

  • Sussex Dance – Stuart Waters interview – January 2021
  • Dancing Times -21 February 2021