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Terry Hyde MA MBACP.

Psychotherapist/Counsellor and Retired Professional Dancer

  • There are times in everyone’s life when circumstances or situations such as bereavement, relationship break-downs or   the pressures of every-day life leave us feeling overwhelmed. This can lead to a range of distressing symptoms such as anger, eating disorders, anxiety or depression.
  • For professional performers, these problems can be magnified because of the additional demands placed on them.
  • ​​As a retired ballet dancer, who has retrained as a Psychotherapist, I believe that I have a unique understanding of the particular challenges that dancers face.

For me, it was so amazing that Terry had been a dancer as he was able to fully understand what I was going through and being able to apply the therapy from a dancer’s perspective made the process so much more reassuring as Terry already understood the pressure of the dance world and how that can affect you as a person. It made me feel less alone. Terry has helped me immensely. AL Skype.

All sessions last for 50 minutes, often a few sessions are all that are needed. We discuss this during the first session so you can decide if you want to go ahead with a course of sessions which can be weekly or monthly, for instance.

Approved therapist – AXA PPP HEALTHCARE

Face to Face Sessions

Face to face sessions are available in Brighton & Hove, Southampton and the Isle of Wight

Sessions on Skype and WhatsApp

Skype/WhatsApp sessions are offered for the rest of the UK and world-wide.

 Telephone sessions

Telephone sessions are also available for UK residents or via WhatsApp for those outside the UK

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Psychotherapy / Counselling

I offer face to face therapy sessions in Brighton & Hove, Southampton and the Isle of Wight. If you are not near these places sessions can be held either via Skype or phone, if you are in the UK, or via Skype if you are abroad.

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Workshops & Lectures

Mental Health Self-Care Workshops for Pre-Professional Schools, Dance Companies and Freelance Professional Performance Artists.

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Therapy has enriched my dancing life in ways I certainly did not imagine, and I look forward to more freedom in dancing every day.

J.J. – Skype

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Terry Hyde MA BACP